N+ Mercedes-Benz EQ E-Bikes vs. ASFALT: Man hat sich geeinigt

Offensichtlich hat man sich in Sachen N+ Mercedes-Benz EQ E-Bikes vs ASFALT geeinigt. Mercedes hat nix damit zu tun und N+ und ASFALT haben sich vertraulich geeinigt.

Die Pressemitteilung im Original:

ASFALT AG and N Plus Holdings Pty Ltd have entered into a confidential mutual agreement regarding the e-bikes sold by N Plus.All open matters between the parties are settled and the balance of all claims settled.In addition we wish to underline that Mercedes Benz and associates as licensors have behaved correctly and are not involved in this matter. We are aware that our previous statements or actions were misleading in this regard. We apologize for that.

Michel von Burg Co-Founder ASFALT AG

Ich lasse das jetzt unkommentiert so stehen…

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